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"I am proud to say your resumes are some of the finest I have ever seen. I sent it out to several companies, already and I have 3 interviews already lined up for next week. Thank you." -Theresa P.

"I was honestly ecstatic when I found your service. I was told to find an ex secretary, and I had a bad experience with her in developing my resume. 1 week after hiring you- I have an interview lined up. It has been an amazing experience working with you to get my career on track."- Karl P.

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My name is Jessica Villagomez- your NEW Dallas Resume Writer. I am very excited to start working with you on your resume. I bring you over 15 years experience in this field and I work with resume clients on a full time basis. I can proudly say that my resume writing service is built on strong ethics, dedication to each one of my clients and the commitment to quality.

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It is imparitive that your resume showcases everything you have to offer. It needs to look polished and professional and above all it need to highlight everything you an offer the employer. As a reliable certified resume writer, I can help you acheieve your goals and develop the resume you need.


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